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About Me

Your website has one job to do.

Know what it is?

(Spoiler: it’s build relationships.)

I’m Parker Bennett, and I’ve been writing and designing and building brands for over 25 years. I’ve worked at major ad agencies, and I’ve written for magazines, movies and TV.

I’ve helped create websites for Lionsgate, Universal, and Sony Pictures, and more recently for Mendola Artists. But my favorite projects are for good people with a good story.

Your web presence is the front door your future customers walk through.  Is it inviting? Can they get through it? Can they even find it?

In one hour, I can help you make a plan to make that front door better. Let's talk.       

Recent Work

  • Hicks Architectural Group For this responsive WordPress site, I enhanced and optimized over 100 photos. I also helped with the copy.
  • Pierce Washington I conceived the "Experience: Integrated" campaign, wrote the copy, and designed and coded the HTML5-animated intro.
  • for the Redford Center. I put the site together for Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (and detailed the process here).
  • Ryan Associates I wrote the copy for the site, and created a responsive, scrolling-activated slideshow for the home page.
  • Form & Fiction I put together an iPad-friendly vertical-scrolling portfolio, and created a custom icon font for all the branding.
  • Clean, simple, responsive portfolio site for photographer Angie Cao. Client updating is simple — all done through flickr.


Stackicons are icon fonts for the web, designed to do more — with multiple button shapes and color styles, including a unique “multi-color” option. Stackicons offer some advantages over using SVG icons:

  • Easy styling and effects using CSS:
    colors, text-shadows, gradients, and more
  • CSS animations, transforms, and transitions
  • SASS mixins for different looks, hover effects, etc.
  • Responsive sizing using font size
  • Single http request, cached resources
  • Works in IE8

More information at